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Mental Health Crisis Clinics

About the Program

Mental Health CrisisThe Memorial Hermann Mental Health Crisis Clinics (MHCCs) are outpatient mental health service providers meant to serve individuals in crisis situations or individuals unable to follow up with other outpatient providers for their mental health needs.

The MHCCs are not designed to provide continuous outpatient follow-up for mental health needs; however, clinic staff will assist in finding outpatient follow-up either by helping patients make an appointment for follow-up with an outpatient provider or by providing patients with resources and referrals.

The MHCCs serve as a referral source for community agencies building collaborative relationships to help patients get appropriately connected to mental healthcare treatment.  MHCC collaboration with other community agencies has helped improve healthcare delivery by allowing more immediate and timely access to mental health care providers and clinicians.

This Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) project fills a gap in the current crisis system by providing mental health consumers with access to a psychiatric provider while they wait six to eight weeks for an appropriate provider appointment (community standard for outpatient psychiatric services) and creates a setting that redirects the target population away from emergency centers and hospitals.

Program Goals

  • Keep individuals healthy and safe
  • Provide interventions to manage challenging behaviors
  • Reduce improper hospitalization or incarceration
  • Address the gap in mental and behavioral care services
  • Services Offered
  • Multiple psychosocial assessments and medical history assessments
  • Emergency medication administration
  • Short-term prescriptions
  • Connecting patient to a more permanent medical home and outpatient psychiatric treatment
  • Social services
  • Safety planning
  • Brief crisis counseling and brief solution-focused intervention
  • Short-term follow-up
  • Connecting patient to resources in the community
  • Providing referrals for resources in the community